On the shoulders of giants ...

On the shoulders of giants...

Right now, more than ever before we all need uplifting inspiration. We need light. Without the darkness, we cannot appreciate what is good and light helps guide our way. We crave lightheartedness as we face dark and challenging times. We need a prescription for the York Peppermint Patty effect on our senses. That feeling of refreshment paired with thrill and the ability to believe that anything is possible in our mundane lives.



Boy, howdy, when the weather decides to change it can do it in a hurry. It rained every single day for a week and was unseasonally warm nearly all Fall. That’s before a Northerner blew in early Sunday night and showed out in a big way. I knew without going outside that it was cold because of the way the floors sounded when I started walking on them Monday morning. I bundled up and made it just fine, but I had a few doubts about Old Blu before we got to town. . . sort of coughing and spluttering along.


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