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The weight of grief . . .

The Lowe Down

It’s easier to say we are in physical pain than to say, “My heart is breaking.” Everywhere you look as you go about your lives in town there are people all around you who are experiencing the ravaging effects of grief or worry. It’s the people you shop among at the 10Box and General Dollar store, your friends, work colleagues, social media acquaintances, and for some, the people you may see sitting at your dining table. It could be you. Life is challenging and attempts to break us down sometimes and nothing and no one can protect us from this reality.  

In today’s society it has become the norm to complain and bellyache about the smallest things. We also allow impatience to ruin a good mood instead of feeling gratitude for the good things we have in life. Now we have social media to amplify the sound of the masses so unhappy that a wrong order from a fast food restaurant can deliver 40 comments blasting the eatery. It seems our concept of happiness and what we deserve is skewed.



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