Wading into streaming . . .

The Lowe Down

Well, we’ve rolled up our pant legs and waded into streaming television programs and cut our ties with satellite service. The past few years we’ve been feeling that we were being held hostage by our satellite television service. Each month had me gasping as I saw the bill and muttering, “What in the world did we watch?!” In fact, between paying for the satellite service and our cell phone bill, it was a chunk of change. We would cut our packages down and before long we’d find ourselves still paying more than we wanted to for home entertainment. The price seemed to creep back up there. For a few years I’ve been observing comments made by some educator friends online as they shared their experiences at using streaming services in place of satellite or cable services. Most have been pleased at their savings and service. They, however, do not have the internet experience that we have here. I wanted to try it but was leery.

We’ve flirted with streaming services. Like many families, we’ve been fans of Netflix and Amazon for a couple years. Honestly, there have been a couple things that have held us back from cutting the cord. One was the unreliability of our Internet service in town. I can feel readers’ heads bobbing up and down in agreement. Another has been that we want local television, namely KAIT. We’ve tried the TV antenna idea a couple times, but it’s never worked for us. A third reason is the St. Louis Cardinals. Around these parts it would be sacrilege if we couldn’t watch the Cardinals.


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