There is no Superman . . .

This past week excerpts of Bob Woodward’s new book, “Fear: Trump in the White House”, about Donald Trump’s presidency came out. According to first reviews, Woodward paints Trump as dangerous and a president who requires baby-sitters and manipulation by his staff to keep our country from plummeting headlong into Armageddon. The next day, Wednesday, September 5, The New York Times printed an anonymous op-ed piece supposedly from a member of the president’s administration.

The anonymous writer agreed with the reviews of Woodward’s book and said there were people working within the White House who were trying to safeguard the country from our president. Whether the book or the op-ed are true is beside the point. We can’t give credence to an unsigned statement or op-ed. Publishing an anonymous opinion piece goes against everything that newspapers are to represent. Newspapers are to uphold transparency and fairness. There’s nothing fair or transparent in an opinion composed by a faceless writer. Opinion pieces and Letters to the Editor should be signed or the newspaper becomes nothing more than a gossip rag.


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