• Suffering from “the P- demic”
    Suffering from “the P- demic”

Suffering from “the P- demic”

Covid-19 continues to have a stranglehold on Arkansas and much of the country as we prepare to enter our ninth month of the pandemic. Our spirits are wearing thin of the virus and many are suffering from what I term, “Pandemic-itis” or “the P-demic”. You’re suffering from “the P-demic” when you’re a mask wearer who has worn thin of hearing Covid numbers, and living under pandemic protocol. You’re tired of trying to maintain a constant sanitized bubble. And although you love your friends and neighbors, when you see them enter a building or store maskless when a sign clearly states, “Masks required before entering”, you want to yell, “For the love of Clorox Wipes, put on a mask so we can rid our lives of this plague on humanity!!!”

On Tuesday, October 13 as I am preparing the newspaper for the plate room to be published, I have the lives of our friends, neighbors and fellow Arkansans on my mind. Covid-19 is hitting our community and county hard. In the past week, our school district took the precaution of switching to virtual learning to stay in practice in case we should ever have to do as we did last spring in the future. Corning School District Superintendent Kellee Smith told me on Monday that at that time the school wasn’t impacted very much. That could change as more people are testing positive or have found they have been exposed. Churches, looking out for their congregations, conducted virtual services to prevent the spread last Sunday. In our community churches have been a part of the spread. I heard of a pharmacy switching to drive-thru services and City Hall has closed for in-person business at this time. Our high school football ballgames were canceled last week as a precaution. I applaud all these entities that are taking this virus seriously and are trying to mitigate the spread. It falls on every person, business, sports team, school, and local government to try to rid ourselves of this scourge.







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