• On the shoulders of giants ...
    On the shoulders of giants ...

On the shoulders of giants...

Right now, more than ever before we all need uplifting inspiration. We need light. Without the darkness, we cannot appreciate what is good and light helps guide our way. We crave lightheartedness as we face dark and challenging times. We need a prescription for the York Peppermint Patty effect on our senses. That feeling of refreshment paired with thrill and the ability to believe that anything is possible in our mundane lives.

At times our own light dims and is rekindled by a spark from others. The quality of a community is marked by the engagement of the individuals that makeup the town or area. Thankfully, we have people in our city who in their own quiet way inspire others. Their successes and work rests on the backs of those who came before. I’m referring to the founders and creators of Christmas in the Park.

Christmas in Wynn Park started in 1996 with three couples, Pat and Cleo Stafford, Charlene and Fred White and Bobbie and Carlos Lester. Glen Boyd, current project director of Christmas in the Park said, “From what I have gathered over the years, Pat and Cleo had traveled somewhere and brought the idea back here to decorate the park. Carlos and Bobbie kept it going after Pat and Cleo and Fred and Charlene all left.” Bobbie Tanner Lester is the sister of Barbara Boyd, Glen’s mother. Jim and Rose Gossett helped the Lesters for several seasons.






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