Responsibilities, in place of power . . .

Leadership is more about responsibility and vision than it is power. Power involves ego and we have little time or patience for competitions for dominance now. What the City of Corning is ready to see is a display of responsibility instead of power among our local government leaders. There’s an element of trust when someone has been given a responsibility. It’s an honor to be entrusted by a city’s residents with the responsibilities of a local government. In my eyes, responsibility is more important than the issue of power.

It’s my responsibility to report on the city council meetings and this reporting has brought to light some much needed information that residents needed to know. I’m not talking about the disagreements at the meetings, I’m referring to the facts about the spending, the water, drainage, the blight, etc.

I’ve reported it the way I do everything; with you, the citizens of Corning in mind. Some people may confuse my column with the articles reporting the meetings or any other news item. My column is my opinion based on what I’ve learned during meetings and happenings. The articles are what happened, most times with direct quotes. Writing about the meetings or any event isn’t about writing every single word said. It involves discovering relevant facts, selecting and presenting the important ones and writing a comprehensive article. Lately, this has been a more difficult job as lengthy arguments have become the norm. If you want to know what’s really going on you should come to the meetings.


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