I know that I can create more problems and make more messes that anyone that I ever heard of. Take last Saturday afternoon as a for instance.

I cleaned house as good as I could Friday night in order to have some time for myself on Saturday. I was washing clothes, (or maybe I should say I was running the washing machine because on one load forgot to put in the clothes), running the dryer, running the sweeper and giving everything a lick and a promise with the feather duster. It was a real hazard around there for about two hours.

Saturday afternoon I was feeling pretty good about having everything done when I happened to glance behind the refrigerator. It was a dusty mess. No problem, I got a clean dust cloth, sprayed it right good with polish, fastened it to the end of the yardstick and ran in underneath the refrigerator to swipe around. I lost that dust cloth under there. . .couldn’t even see it. I just about panicked. I’m dumb but I’m not stupid and anyone knows not to soak a cloth in furniture polish and leave it underneath a motor. First I took the front plate off the refrigerator and got a flashlight, couldn’t see a thing but refrigerator parts. Now, I really had a problem.



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