Now, I want to get this straight in the beginning, I like dogs. Always have, always will.

But, what I don’t like is having dogs that belong to someone else telling me what I can and cannot do around my own place. In fact, I don’t aim to put up with it.

I don’t know what ever happened to the dog law, and don’t really care but a person would have to be blind not to notice when six or seven dogs at a time roam around in their yard. That’s the way it has been for some time, now. I never complained, just let them roam.

But, the crowning blow came the other Sunday when I started out to pick up the paper from the driveway. These two dogs came charging my way and I shouted to them to “get on out of here.” They backed up a bit (closer to the paper than I was) and sat there snarling and showing their teeth. That did it.


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