While out-of-town on a recent weekend, had occasion to drive by and observe cemeteries in towns much larger in size than Corning. But I am here to tell you we are a country mile ahead of them in cemetery upkeep. All our area cemeteries are kept in such neat condition that sometimes we tend to forget that it has not always been that way. . some of the older residents, me included, can remember when Corning Cemetery was pretty much of a wilderness. If there ever is a time when you feel like it is too expensive to keep our cemetery neatly trimmed and keep the drives repaired, just try getting out and looking at some of the other cemeteries. It will make you proud to be a part of Corning. Also, if you have any doubts about the caretaker earning his money, how about you volunteering to do it for a while? The rain showers every day or so keeps the grass growing until he has to hustle to get from one side of the cemetery to the other. . in time to start over before it begins to look shaggy.

Can you believe that all of Arkansas is not plagued by mosquitoes like we are? We have had them so bad for so long, that I thought it was this uncomfortable everywhere. Not so. While in another town recently, this lady walked out of her door, left it standing wide open (she has no screen doors) as she talked with Beverly and me. I couldn’t believe it. . soon as I could, I asked “Don’t you have mosquitoes around here? pointing to the open door.” She replied, “I don’t think so!”


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