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June was Dairy Month. I suppose that meant we were supposed to eat a lot of dairy products and be thankful that we have such a wide choice from which to choose. Some of these young co-workers around here kind of snicker wheen I refer to milk as sweet milk. That’s the way we were brought up, it was either sweet milk or butter milk . . . unless Ole Daisy got into the bitter weeds, then it was bitter milk!I suppose my favorite dairy product is store bought ice cream. I take my ice cream eating by spells and I am just as apt to have a spell in mid-Winter as in 90-degree weather. Any flavor is fine, so long as it is vanilla!

Home-made ice cream is not my thing. I have never understood the reasoning behind buying a bunch of stuff, making a big mess, just to make ice cream that doesnn’t come any ways near to tasting as good as what can be store bought. I like to be in on all the activity if making ice cream, but I hardly ever taste it. My experience with home-made ice cream have all been unpleasant . . I end up with a splitting headache trying to eat it before it melts.



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