Went by Corning Cemetery to check on things the other afternoon (I check the place over pretty often watching for signs of vandalism: and ended up having an interesting conservation with a Mr. McKinney. He said that years ago he attended school up in the Ring with my dad’s younger brothers and sisters, Elmer, Elbert, Stella and Effie, and also told me a story about a horse my dad once owned. This was all before I came along, but my folks decided to quit farming and they had a sale of farm equipment and their stock. McKinney’s father bought my dad’s horse, named Prince. He intended to work it with a horse he already owned, also named Prince, so he just changed the name of the one he got from my dad to Ole Charley - named after my dad. I’m glad that I got to hear that story.

Speaking of the cemetery . . there were some pretty decorations up there for Memorial weekend and there were some pretty bare places. I don’t know, but seems to me that a lot of people have the don’t - cares about a lot of things any more.

I had an anniversary here at The Courier on May 25 and we had a cake which was all decorated with red roses and I also got some gifts to mark the occasion. . my newspaper friends at Piggott and Rector sent a beautiful plant and the Rockwells gave me 40 brand new, crisp, $1.00 bills. . . one of each of my 40 years. It is just by chance that I have been here all these years. I well remember my first day - at the end of the day Buck Estes told me that I had earned $1.00 and would I like to collect it then or let it be added to the next week. Without batting an eye I said, “I’ll take it now.” Just between you and me and the gatepost I had no intentions of there being a next week!




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