Shucks, I wish we had it so a steam powered train could come through here every day; we need a daily “belly” laugh. Here, everyone was so excited all day and long before the train came through at 2:45 p.m. First Street was lined from one end of town to the other with spectators. As the whistle could be heard in the North, people started bailing out of vehicles and moving closer to the tracks.Co-worker Virginia Ballenger went with Ole Blue and me to the South end of First Street, thinking that the train would slow down for the Corning Lake trestle curve and we would have a better chance for pictures. Well, I am here to tell you that train didn’t slow down for anything and there was so much smoke from the engine that it was next to impossible to get a decent picture.

Even so, I didn’t see the type of train that I was expecting to see. I had something in mind more like the steam engines we see in city parks, one of those big black engines with a coal car attached and belching steam along the way. Without all the fanfare this No. 8444 could have just slipped right through Corning without anyone even bothering to give it a second glance. Come to think about it, no one gave it a second glance anyway . . . there wasn’t time!



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