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People in the hills don’t need to torment us about high water any more...they have found out they can have floods as bad as anyone else if it rains enough. We had our share of water around here and from talking with some old-timers, it is liable to get worse before it gets better. What worries me is the sorry condition of area levees.

Seems to me that if the government wants to do “something” to provide work for people they would consider a major overhaul of levees around some of our rivers and lakes. If nothing is done and the levees break and cause widespread flooding, the government always comes forth with disaster dollars...what I can’t understand is why these dollars can’t be used to repair levees and save the flooding of homes and farm land. Seems to me like it would be cheaper to repair the levees and be done with it. If the government is as near broke as some declare, two or three major floods such as we are having now could really hit “hard on the pocketbook” where it might possibly be prevented with just a little getting ready. Looks to me like that repairing roads and bridges is a never-ending expense until we can have a levee system to prevent, why not build the levees first?

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