Rambling Vines

I went home the other day at noon and our house looked just like the old devil had gotten in there and had a pure fit. The night before, while listening to television, I dusted every slick of furniture in the house and the next morning before leaving for work, I ran the sweeper-- right proud of myself.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I stepped in the back door...nothing was where it belonged. Mom had decided to start her Spring house cleaning and all the blankets and quilts, even the ones we didn’t use during the winter, were on the outside clothes line, throw rugs were draped over all the chairs on the back porch, the mattress on the twin beds in her room were standing on end up against the wall and the place smelled like cleaning chemicals. I was in shock, I couldn’t believe that one person could so completely disarrange a complete house in onehalf day, Mom was almost too busy to cook any dinner and was far to busy to sit down and eat--she was doing her thing! When I got home that night, everything was back in place and anyone who had not seen the place at noon wouldn’t believe it. I complimented myself on not saying anything about the mess at noon. Then, would you believe that the next day at noon I learned that she was working my bedroom over...same song, second verse, nothing where it belonged. I kept telling myself to take it easy...we only have four rooms, so it can’t last for more than four days. However, that was before I was informed that “Saturday, we have got to get down there and straighten up that shed.”


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