I read with interest a receipe that stated that the estimated cost of keeping a criminal is $30,000 per year. That’s pretty high to me. Besides that, they keep trying to force counties and cities to provide “penthouse” jails to house these criminals. Shucks, the way I see it they could be sent off to college-to a really good college-a lot cheaper. And, according to the report, it could get even more expensive, with more and more prison standards to be met.

One of our problems is that people aren’t ashamed of a jail record any more . . . in fact, some are down-right proud of telling that they are an ex-jailbird. They write books, make movies and make big money off of their bad past that we financed. Used to things like that were considered family secrets if at all possible. But in this day and time far too many people will work harder to steal a dollar than would be necessary to get the $1.00 honestly.

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