You know what I think about every year when the weather gets cold and bad? I think about all the things youngsters have today—their own cars, own rooms, own bath, own televisions, own telephones, own. . , own. . , own. . . No wonder so many of them grow up selfish, spoiled and unable to get along with others. They don’t know what it means to share. . .and don’t really care about knowing.

Nowadays the kids have it so good that they have to go outside to check the weather to see what they want to wear. Used to, all that was necessary was to stick a foot out from underneath the covers and it made no difference any way, our choice of clothes wasn’t all that big. .Soon as one of the older family members would get a good fire going in the old heating stove, everyone would jump out of bed, grab their little wad of clothes and take off for the living room to stand around the stove and get dressed. No privacy for sure, but that didn’t really matter because everyone had on long johns anyway and only the feet, hands and head were bare.







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