The need for transparency . . .

For over a year I’ve written on the need and requirement of transparency. Transparency is a necessity in all relationships. It inspires trust, a crucial element in relationships. No one likes to find out they’ve been kept in the dark. As we are finding out, it’s important for citizens to be informed. Great leaders know that promoting transparency is vital

. There’s a difference between a manager and a leader. A manager controls situations and information. A leader influences, motivates, encourages transparency and empowers others. We need leaders. Most, if not all, the information, and data concerning our city government and its operations are under the Freedom of Information Act or FOIA. When information is suppressed, even under the guise of “I don’t know”, people tend to question ethics. Ethics are held up by transparency and appearances greatly influence public opinion. People often think there’s only one reason a city or county government or department would guard its information; there’s something to hide. While those in charge may feel that controlling information made available is within their rights; it is not. It creates a false reality.


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