• Media literacy; the next super power . . .
    Media literacy; the next super power . . .

Media literacy; the next super power . . .

One thing we have learned or have had reinforced from this pandemic is our need for human contact. And the important role of technology in communicating with others. There’s a skill to communicate efficiently and properly using technology. Even a basic text can be misunderstood without the element of facial expression; hence the creation of emoticons to assist in getting a message across.

What has become abundantly clear after the political season we’ve all endured and the pandemic we are still fighting is that schools need to focus on media literacy. Our republic depends upon its citizens being able to discern between truth, lies and conspiracy theories. Truth is the bedrock of a stable, intelligent and law abiding society. Currently, we are watching as liars and corrupt criminals are being pardoned. It feels as though everything we and the generations before us were taught about virtue, living an honest life, integrity, and the Golden Rule are no longer valued. We live in a topsy-turvy world where being a good person isn’t always noticed and being a crook or swindler is applauded. It certainly appears to make people rich. Never before have our voting rights been as important as they are now. And with social media, we can easily see our legislators’ character or lack of it if we take a good honest look.

If we, average citizens are to combat falsehoods, we have to be able to tell the difference between the truth and a whopping lie. And more than that, we have to care about the difference.








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