The Lowe Down

11,000 reasons . . .

As we’re looking ahead to 2019 and working toward revitalizing Corning, we’d be remiss if we didn’t take advantage of the city’s assets and one thing that Corning has going for her is the flow of traffic through town. No other city in Clay County has the amount of daily traffic that we have traveling through Corning. Even Piggott, which has a busy downtown, doesn’t have the traffic flow that Corning has zipping through it. They had around 4,700 vehicles a day in 2017 going through their downtown.

The increase in traffic through Corning has been unmistakable in the last year. I was discussing this with Brad Smithee, ARDOT District Engineer for our area; District 10. He showed me the traffic data for the past few years through Corning. The ARDOT map provides average daily traffic estimates, or ADT,  typically developed from 48-hour counts that are taken during the calendar year.  We looked at the average daily traffic through Corning in 2017 and 2016.

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