The Lowe Down

Here’s the rub . . .

Corning has learned the hard way that we need to support our local businesses. And it appears that residents are rallying to try to do so. That’s a good thing. But there’s something that is being discussed among residents, an issue; that hinders our local purchasing. I don’t know what the answer is exactly, but I know it does no good to have a lot of private conversations about it if we want to try to resolve it. It’s the thing that is keeping some residents from buying local and I believe in most cases it’s the repercussions of supply and demand. When you’re a small business, items tend to cost the business owner more to purchase because they can’t afford to buy in bulk like big discount stores can do. Even if they could, they would never sell the volume of items in order to make a profit.

I’ve heard so many stories from residents having to purchase items that are cheaper outside of town than in Corning. I’ve had it occur in my own household. I feel strongly about buying local and we do our best to do so because we want Corning to succeed, but when the difference in price is half of what you can buy a large item; we just can’t afford to pay the doubled price. Just this past week we had an important item to go bad and we had to replace it immediately. We shopped around Corning to buy one. We checked everywhere we could think of that this item could be found in Corning. It was too expensive at these places. In desperation we checked out of town and found it half the price. Half. I don’t know anyone that would choose to pay that much more for something. The breadth of our population is not so wealthy that they can afford to ignore common sense where their spending is concerned.


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