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Herding cats . . .

To be in a relationship you have to have trust for it to work. Even a relationship with your community. Today more people mistrust professionals who have spent their lives learning within their field; scientists, teachers, doctors, than ever before. I grew up believing and was taught that there is something to be said for experience and knowledge. Now we have a virus that is making people we know and live among very ill in some cases. It has killed three. I have to wonder, do those who run a false narrative in their heads to justify not wearing a mask or social distance themselves, really believe that those who have passed or succumbed to the virus are a part of a worldwide hoax? Just how close does COVID-19 have to get to believe it’s real? How close before people are not willing to risk lives?

Trying to get citizens to follow the pandemic guidelines is like herding cats. For a good look at humanity, observe how divided we are about taking health precautions during the pandemic. While we should be working together to fight to end this plague we have instead divided into three factions: those who listen to health professionals, conspiracy theorists who believe the virus is fake news, and those who believe their rights are taken away by wearing a mask. Two of these groups ignore advice from healthcare professionals. It doesn’t bode well for those who want an end to the pandemic. Childish obstinance to leadership or authority and fear of being punk’d by a virus may be our society’s downfall as the ability to use good sense fades and implementing our own will rules.

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