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The Lowe Down

Controlling our amygdala . . .

Think a moment about the last time you were kind to someone. Not nice, but kind. There’s a difference. We often say to children, “Be nice” in their interactions with others. Kindness requires more from us than just being nice. Some people use the word, “nice” and “kind” interchangeably, but they are not the same. Kindness is a behavior and demands a greater level of compassion than being nice. It requires empathy paired with intention. Being nice is a demeanor and doesn’t require much effort. One of the basic and much needed behaviors that we need to impart on our youth is how to be kind.

We all need kindness. The thing is, to show benevolence to others takes time out of our schedules. The hard part about choosing to be kind is that it requires effort. It can be inconvenient. We each possess many gifts that make us unique, however; kindness is a choice. It’s not demonstrating kindness to simply avoid being mean in spirit. Kindness is intentional. We all have a choice to be kind, and we are presented with that choice many times a day. It seems ridiculous in this day and time to be discussing kindness, but in this world, it can be hard to come by.



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