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The Lowe Down

Bare minimum . . .

In a couple weeks it will be the one-year anniversary of the closing of the Walmart in Corning; an occurrence that some thought would devastate our town. We proved that to be wrong as we didn’t let that or any step backward in the past year define us. If you know anything about Corning’s history, you know we come from hardy stock with hearts to serve our town.

Sunday morning my minister presented a sermon called, “More than the Minimum”. It was a lesson about our roles as Christians to do more than the minimum. It could certainly apply to any part of our lives as well. Our employers expect us to exert more than minimum effort. We should give all that we can of ourselves and our time to our families. We should certainly make the effort to take care of ourselves physically and mentally. What our society needs is more people who make the effort to do more than what is required.

In this week’s Courier there are people featured in articles that certainly go beyond what is expected.

First there’s Rick Ermert, who quietly goes about helping the city and Chamber in any way that he can. His attitude is one of servitude without expecting attention, praise or thanks. In a world where so many expect a pat on a back for little effort his attitude is refreshing.



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