The Lowe Down

The measure of a community . . .

Show me a town with a well-cared-for cemetery and I’ll show you a town that takes pride in their history and town. We owe a debt of gratitude to our ancestors and founders that lived, loved, worked and strived to make Corning home. From the earliest individuals and families, such as; the Halls, Harbs, Latimers, Beloates, Olivers, Judge John Kilgore, Estes, Stephens, Hardesty, Polk, Teters and Simpsons, and all who are buried in the Corning Cemetery in our nearly 143-year antiquity; our town’s history is in that cemetery. Each person buried there had a life story, some long, some too short. Many fought wars to provide the freedoms we have today.

Some folks find the cemetery a place of peace. You can go out to the Corning Cemetery on any given day and see someone walking the paths at the cemetery and of course, people placing flowers on graves and spending time in reflection. Genealogists roam cemeteries to research family histories.

As we learned through the many months in debating the drainage project in the Crafton Addition, many citizens feel strongly about our cemetery. I’m hoping that we can walk the talk.



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