The Lowe Down

For love of Corning . . .

Do you know the most precious gift that anyone can give? It’s time. And that’s exactly what approximately 50 people did last Saturday when they cleaned up around our town. People can say what they want about our small town and community, but if you witnessed those determined citizens participating in the first of many projects to improve Corning last weekend, you saw the best of what makes Corning; Corning. People who care. They care about our town and they care about their neighbors. It made my heart swell to see that there were families with their children and married couples among the group, all working side-by-side focused on a single goal of cleaning up our town. If you were out and about on Saturday and saw people picking up trash along the roadside, cleaning up around the old shoe factory building, or at several residences in town, you saw a group of people who love their city. They put their time where their mouth is and showed up and showed out. Our town looks the better for it. There’s still work to do, but it looks so much better already. The beauty of an event like this is that it creates a movement. It inspires others to pick up litter, or work on a property. It can have a ripple effective with small improvements creating major progress.

An added bonus to citizens working together is it creates a closeness among residents that driving toward a goal can bring. There’s a camaraderie during planning meetings and events that can only help our town in the long run because we all want the same thing. There’s a solidarity among people who may not have had their paths cross with others in the Growing Corning Together group before now and laboring on a common cause has created a bond.


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