It takes both sides to build a bridge . . .

I’m going to point out something that’s painstakingly apparent to anyone who has been paying attention, that isn’t being said out loud: Our council and mayor are at odds with one another. Fredrick Nael must have served in his local government when he came up with the phrase and title of this column. There’s a classic power struggle going on within our local government that is toxic for the city. I’m not laying blame solely on either side; it takes two to tango as people often say. I’m saying, for the sake of Corning; Fix it.

The fact that I just had to use the word, “side” referring to our municipal team says it all. This is nothing new. Other towns and Corning have seen this before in past municipal administrations. You don’t have to be a mature adult to run for an office. And many people that we might think would be great mayors or city council members have probably shied away from running for positions possibly because they are mature adults and don’t want the hassle, because folks, it is a big undertaking. It’s a disruption to the elected officials’ lives. There are calls and complaints to the point of distraction; it’s a thankless job. It helps if the officials know how to deal with people; constituents, certainly; but especially their own municipal colleagues. They have to know how to listen, not hear, listen; to people both out in the city and around their board table. They also have to know how to respond.


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