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Are you sick and tired of the pandemic? Do you want life to somewhat return to normal? What would you do to end the pandemic? This virus has killed 2,245 Arkansans at this writing and has made 135,902 ill. On Tuesday, Nov. 17 we had 152 active cases in Clay County. It has steadily increased 24 cases from the 128 active cases last Friday. If you’re against implementing the guidelines to attempt to stop the pandemic, what would it take for you to change your mind? Are the numbers of the ill and the deceased too impersonal and numbing to you? Would someone near and dear to you need to die before you would consider social distancing? Would you wear a mask out in public then? Would you socially distance? Would you stay home from public events if possible?

At what point is it too great a risk to celebrate the holidays with your family? If you were granted a look into the future and found out that subjecting your family to an activity would mean that someone in your family got very ill, would you still do it?

How do you assess the pandemic risk? Are you in the “it won’t happen to me” category? The voice of 248,734 dead Americans from the grave are whispering, “Oh, but it can.” Do you have any underlying conditions? Perhaps co-morbidities? Those conditions increase your risk of perishing should you contract COVID-19.



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