Eating problems for breakfast . . .

Every morning I wake up with the understanding that I will encounter problems throughout the day. Some I will predict or know are coming; others I know will blindside me. Accepting the fact that problems will arise and not just that, but viewing them as opportunities helps me. There’s a saying attributed to Alfred A. Montapert,

“Expect problems and eat them for breakfast." I really like this thought because it inspires me to be proactive in dealing with tribulations. My frustration is lessened because I know and accept snags and complications happen. It helps me to remain calm, access the situation and then act. Accepting the possibility of problems helps in a couple ways: 1. It takes the sting out problems when they arise. Have you ever been around anyone who gets bent out of shape when issues arise? Whining, complaining and exhibiting frustration are time wasters and energy drainers. These three things do damage as they bring down morale, drain momentum for those trying to work, and it’s just plain ugly behavior.


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