Do what we can, where we can ...

Do what we can, where we can ...

The Lowe Down

A couple of weeks ago most of us weren’t familiar with the terms; social distancing and PPE. Now, those terms are in our daily vernacular. We don’t know what the future holds, but then we can’t foresee the future even when there’s not a virus threatening civilization. Most of us tend to worry about things that never come to fruition. For instance, perhaps last week someone was worried about a severe storm or a medical procedure, those events passed and the next day dawned to new challenges and gifts.

The coronavirus is another indication that life is not within our control and each day is a gift. What’s important is how we handle each hurdle. It’s important that we brave our new reality and handle it moment by moment much like a fishing bobber in a lake. Sometimes the water is smooth and calm, sometimes it’s windy and stormy; let go and just go with the flow.

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