Discomfort is the new black

Everything ever imagined begins with these two words: What if? Those two words are used by dreamers and creative people. They propose possibility. You just know some grand idea is coming when someone begins a sentence with, “What if …”. Most people are adept at dreaming about how they want their life, job, or relationships to be in reality. Many do not want to endure the discomfort of what is required to achieve their dreams in order to change their lives.

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about discomfort. I’m not talking about physical pain, but discomfort experienced during change. People don’t like to feel discomfort, even when it’s ushering in a much needed and often wanted, change. Change is one of those things that requires patience and time; two precious commodities. People generally think in the basic terms of easy and hard. Many want things to be easy. So easy, that not even their intrinsic motivation can pull them through a change. The secret to change is that you have to see it through. Whether it’s a new initiative, a new method, or a new way of doing things; you have to see it through to completion before it can be declared a success or a bust. So often people get in the middle of change, and just when it’s getting hard they declare the transformation isn’t working and quit. I’ve seen many, many school initiatives begin and end just this way and many sabotaged in this manner.

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