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GPS Tracking History is a Potential Goldmine of Evidence in Criminal Cases

Did you know that if you have a Google account, everywhere you have been is recorded on your phone? It’s called your “location history” and it is found on your Google Maps. It shows everywhere your phone has been for up to months back, and even matches each place on the map with a certain time. The data is stored on it for years, and it is very easy to access and understand. Here is a link to a quick primer on how to use it:

Law enforcement agents are catching on. The police can simply send Google a warrant, asking for your whereabouts and other information in your phone, such as text messages. It can show the According to an article in the New York Times published in April of this year:

The practice was first used by federal agents in 2016, according to Google employees, and first publicly reported last year in North Carolina. It has since spread to local departments across the country, including in California, Florida, Minnesota and Washington. This year, one Google employee said, the company received as many as 180 requests in one week.



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