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There has been much discussion in Corning this week over speed bumps installed by a private citizen on Arnold Road. It’s been a hot topic on social media. I would caution those that use social media to be careful not to get your news or facts strictly from the opinions of others.

Grace Hopper’s phrase, “It is often easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission” doesn’t apply to private citizens installing traffic control devices or altering city property. Common sense should tell us all that whether it’s a county or city issue a resident can’t change or alter any of their properties without addressing the Quorum Court or the City Council first. There may be a need for a speed bump or hump on Arnold Road. I live in that area and I totally agree about the speeding, but that’s beside the point. Citizens can’t alter city or county streets. In fact, it could be considered vandalism should the city or county decide to view it that way. Speeding is a law enforcement issue under our police department’s jurisdiction. Taking it upon ourselves to override the police and city isn’t the answer.


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