Arkansas is the Worst State in the Nation for Renters

Arkansas is the Worst State in the Nation for Renters

Renters in Arkansas have it worse than anywhere else in the nation. Two things work together and create a high potential for abuse against Arkansas renters: (1) the lack of an implied warranty of habitability; and (2) a criminal eviction statute. Good, fair landlord tenant laws don’t favor either side. Ours go way too far in favor of landlords.

It would really help if lawmakers added an implied warranty of habitability to the law for renters. Most states have one. An implied warranty of habitability means that the rental premises is livable. In other words, it has good plumbing, a solid structure, and its heating and cooling mechanisms work. In other states, landlords who fail to make these repairs within a reasonable amount of time could become liable to the renters. Because Arkansas does not have this law, renters should always make sure the landlords put in the contract that he or she will make reasonable repairs. Without the clause, the landlord can probably insist on payment while the house goes without heat, plumbing, water, etc.


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