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The main character, Judith, has a disorder that is called Selective Mutism. I had psychology classes and read quite a bit; however, I had not even heard of this American Psychiatric Association recognized condition until just several years ago. Mutism usually occurs around the time a child enters school and becomes mute in certain social situation, yet speaks at home. It’s not a willful decision that a child makes. Selective mutism is a social anxiety communication disorder that goes beyond shyness, but is often a social phobia. It’s not a cognizant decision to stop talking, yet a difficult disorder for many to understand.

Judith, referred to as Jubilee by her Aunt Cora, has not spoken a word in any situation in years. Amber, Judith’s mom took Jubilee to her sister, Cora, and left her. Judith was just a toddler, but she felt illequipped to care for her. She was young, and wanted to become an actress. Cora was thrilled to have Jubilee, and she talked at first, but eventually her words became fewer and fewer until she eventually stopped speaking altogether.


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