Residents implore city council to spare cemetery from drainage project again

was standing room only when residents of Corning came out to Monday night’s special council meeting to speak out about the council’s decision to reconsider digging across the cemetery in a drainage project attempt. The idea had been discussed previously in council meetings but the it was put aside after a public hearing when engineers Ben DeClerk and John Selig spoke and shared their views. Later a proposal of ideas was suggested by DeClerk last fall. Residents felt the cemetery issue was put to rest. The fall hearing weighed heavily in the decision to set the issue aside when during the public hearing, councilman Godwin asked DeClerk if he felt confident that there wouldn’t be a flooding issue with the homes and property on the east side and DeClerk replied,


“It’s going to put water into a different drainage system, a different basin. We didn’t study what it was going to do once it got there.” Then Corning resident and civil engineer, John Selig told the council that there were some things they need to consider before pursuing the proposed project. “For instance, the fact that Victory Lake is in the flood plain and there’s a flood plain surrounding Victory Lake.” Selig told the group, “Before y’all can start digging in the flood plain, ya’ll got to talk to FEMA. There’s some more things that need to be thought through before this is actually done.”


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