Confusing confidence with competence . . .

As we know, Corning has many issues that need to be solved. Drainage is just one of our problems. It’s the council’s job to address all problems and to try to find viable solutions. I feel it never hurts to ask professional opinions or ask advice from experienced people. I was raised to value my elders for this reason because they have experienced so much more than young people. They know things. Lately it seems that expertise or experience is not valued. People are confusing confidence with competence.


They are quick to dismiss the findings of experts. Hubris, excessive pride or self-confidence, was once seen as a character flaw, now it’s valued as knowledge by some. We can’t let excessive self-confidence to the point of wearing blinders to any other option run amok in important matters. Wise people have humility and know to ask and value those with experience. Many people are upset about the dilapidated properties. I have several conversations a week about it with people who call or come into the newspaper office. The city has an ordinance that doesn’t seem to be worth the paper it’s printed on.



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