Composure is a superpower . . .

What has happened that people take things so personally lately? Assuming the worst about someone stunts relationships. Whether it’s a romantic partner, friend, or in dealing with colleagues assuming is never a positive action. For some reason, it seems many people have begun to think that others are “out to get them”. It’s dangerous to attempt to read behind the lines of another’s actions.

We begin connecting the dots and the next thing we know, we’re mad because we think the other person did or said something on purpose. It makes matters even worse if we choose to share our assumption with others, spreading negativity. “Do you know what he or she did?!”, you will often hear people say. Meanwhile the assumed offender is clueless to our thinking and probably innocent. Drama lovers can become quite good at conjuring up a motive for every move, tone, or action from thin air that stirs them up in a frenzy.


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