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Council handles short agenda in August meeting

The Corning City Council meeting for the month of August was held on Monday, August 10 at 6 p.m. in the M.B. Ainley, Jr. Community Center on the east side of town. The short, but effective agenda covered issues such as city audits, mosquitoes, air conditioning and hiring of city employees. The meeting was relatively short lasting approximately 30 minutes with all council parties present with the exception of city attorney, Alex Bigger. After roll call and the preliminary approvals of minutes and reports, Mayor Greg Ahrent stated there was nothing under Old Business to discuss and moved on to New Business. The first two items were audit issues, one for the 2019 City Audit and one for the Water Audit. City Clerk J’Anna Couch reported that they city received the 2018 city audit with a few minor issues found such as some bond and fine deposits that were tested that were not always made on a daily basis and not in compliance. The city assured the auditors that they would fix that and make sure that those were made either daily or every other day. Another is- sue had to do with the firemen’s pension. Couch said it hadn’t been handled since she had taken office. Issues with the pension were things, such as, disbursement test, proper supporting documentation was not provided for some items, and a couple of payments did not have the receipt stapled to it. A couple documentation items were missing. Other than that, Couch said that the auditor said their audit was good and everything was in order. “The water audit was still about the same. We weren't making our deposits as frequently as what she would have liked for us to make when we're making them for on a weekly basis. She said she would like them on a daily basis. And we have started implementing that. Sometimes they're done every other day, but we definitely try to make sure they're done every other day for all departments. That was basically their main concern,” explained Couch. She added that the water and city audits for 2019 were being done now.


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