Bobcats focus on conditioning while awaiting season

As we enter the second week of July, the Corning Bobcats still do not know what their 2020 football season will look like or even if they will have one. On Monday, July 6, Head Coach Larry Treadway said, “Well, there hadn't been anything changed. I think the month of July puts everybody in a position that you're going to have to start bringing kids in. We've got it open Monday through Thursday.” Treadway said there hasn’t been many players come up to workout. “We started out with 12, 15, 18 and here toward the end here in July, we've got about five or six, seven, right in there. And you know, there hadn't been many, but there could be a reason for that. You know, people just don't want their kids out. And then even if you had them up here, you know, they're limited, you know, they've got to wear a mask when they come in. When they're not lifting they have to wear a mask.”


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