Work persists on county communication issues

Last December, Alan Vaughn, 911 Coordinator in the Clay County Office of Emergency Management confirmed what many small town mayors in Clay County knew; communication is a huge issue in some of the small communities in the county. Vaughn reported on Saturday, Jan. 25 that Clay County mayors are starting to get involved in the 911 communication issue and a meeting is planned in the near future.

The 911 Coordinator explained how our communication problems began in the county, “I know you pick up the mike and somebody listens, but as far as frequencies and stuff like that and the way they’ve changed the federal communication laws and with the narrow banding and stuff, you see a lot of our problems started with the narrow banding.” He continued, “We’ve got to figure out if it’s our equipment that’s out of date or are we just not keeping up with what we need to keep up with; do we need to put money into that? That’s kind of where we’re at.”

Since the Courier reported the communication issue, Vaughn said they have begun doing a fire text test every Tuesday night between 6 and 7 o’clock. “I’ve had a good response from our fire chiefs on that. What we’re asking is have the fire fighters contact the fire chief if they get that text and the ones that don’t get it, let’s find out why they’re not getting it. Are they out of the coverage area or what the problem is. Let’s fix it.”


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