Transformation of 911 network heart of AR Public Safety Act of 2019

Clay County Judge Mike Patterson is among the county judges supporting a bill intended to transform the state’s 911 system, expand broadband, and provide necessary updates to the Arkansas Wireless Information Network for the safety of Arkansans. Members of the County Judges' Association of Arkansas (CJAA), The Hon. Sen. Jason Rapert, and The Hon. Rep. Michelle Gray announced recently the intent to file the Arkansas Public Safety Act of 2019.

Patterson said that Clay County definitely needs the updates to 911 services. “They’re trying to change it up in a way that we’re going to have some more money where we can take old out of date radio systems in the county and make them better.” He said the new system would tie Piggott, Rector, and Corning all together where the cities can have a modern up to date communication throughout the whole county. He stated that currently cell service doesn’t reach everywhere in the county.

Patterson disclosed, “They’re also trying to get internet throughout the whole state.” He explained, “They’re going to change the rules where other companies can come in here and compete with the companies that have always had a monopoly on it. We need to be able to run a business out in the country as well as we can inside the city limits.”



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