Council eyes opened to state of city finances

Vote to reallocate sales tax

A special city council meeting was eye-opening for the Corning councilmen as they learned the budget of the city’s General Fund was in dire straits. Mayor Rob Young called the meeting to order and turned the meeting over to City Clerk Fran Edwards. Edwards began, “I told you’uns in May we had about $35,000 in the General Fund. Well, we started out the first of June with $32,685 and as of today, we were $21,014.73 overdrawn at the bank. I paid all the bills yesterday, they totaled $15,374.92 and I’ve got a payroll tomorrow to meet. “You’re saying you need $50,000”, said Councilman Vannoy. “Yeah, that’s what I’m saying”, replied Edwards. “Now, next week I’m hoping our sales tax will come in, but in the General Fund that’s approximately $40,000 and that’s all we’re going to have until Turnback and Franchise Tax in July. “I gotta ask, what’s going on?,” asked Vannoy. “Where’s it going?” Young answered, “Well, different places, uh, one, one was a truck that wasn’t, you know, wasn’t in the budget.


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