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Placing flags . . .

Arthur and Louretta Ellis placed flags on the graves of soldiers at Corning Cemetery Friday in observance of the Memorial Day holiday on Monday. There are more than 500 veterans’ graves at the Corning Cemetery, most of which are identified by bronze or quartz markers identifying them as service members. Memorial Day recognizes the sacrifices of those who gave their lives to preserve freedom in America.

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Mayor awaits traffic signal study results

Some Corning motorists may be taking a ride down memory lane while traversing through Highway 62-67 intersection in town. The site of the only traffic light in western Clay County has been temporarily converted back into a 4-way stop, as it was for so many years.

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Change in football program

Jeremy Stout has been named head football coach for Corning football teams. The decision was made by Corning School Board of Education during a meeting on May 26 after the resignation of Coach Chuck Speer, who accepted a position as football coach at Brookland High School.

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Spring game reveals talent

Corning football players got their first chance to see what they will bring to the table this season during the annual Spring game Thursday at Corning high school football field. Coach Jeremy Stout said it was opportunity for players to get out on the field and hit each other and have some fun while doing so.

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